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Lewa Downs. Kenya

Natures triumph in survival. The circle of life harmonious with it´s environment, These incredible Animals emulating pride and respect. Grace ... more >>

Mahale Greystoke. Tanzania

The Jungle. In alliance with the humidity and maze of Chimpanzee paths, We tracked the flow of a river running North. Summitting the epicentre of ... more >>

Tribes and Communities. East Africa

The Massai and Samburu Tribes of East Africa, not only are considered one of the most prominent tribes in the world, who´s Traditions have ... more >>

Ariel Photography and Geology

Ariel view photography exposing geological activity and volcanic history. River beds etched in the landscape, sustaining African communities for ... more >>

Interior Design. East Africa

Photographic representations of Interior and Exterior design and archetecture, transmitting the artists use of form, texture and colour, using both ... more >>

International Landscapes

A collection of landscape and portrait images, taken in Kenya,Tanzania, The Algonquin Lakes Canada,Spain, England, Scotland and Denmark, Transmiting ... more >>


Living in Andalucia Spain, this is a reflection of this incredible counrty, its History, culture and beauty. and lasting diversity. an all ... more >>

Abstract Photography

Portrait images, reflecting both depth and tone, sensitive conceptions capturing emotion and style, and atmospheric simplicity. more >>

Dream Homes

A Profile of Luxury Homes in southern Spain more >>

Recent Events

These are some insight photographs of my recent events covered. including Weddings, Guitar manufacture, and promotional images for independant ... more >>

On the road

In my life, I have had the opportunity to see and meet some of the most beautiful people and visit some of this worlds utopias. My journey expanding ... more >>

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