Business Promotion.

Business Promotion
Photographic representation, assisting in the corporate world. This service provides documentation of your business using photographic media, reflecting through imagery, the key attributes of your profession or Industry. Promoting new business and alternatives both visually and practically. Connecting and maintaining personal relationships with your clients globally, a necessity in today´s universal trade networks.
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Travel Photography.

Travel Photography and Research
Having had the opportunity to photograph many remote environments, it´s communities and cultures, to share their traditions and customs, has given me the incentive for further research and development. Using photography as an outlet for education and insight into our world, and a tool to assist in it´s survival. Organizations working for the benefit of infrastructure and education, the protection of people from war, disease and famine, as well as world renowned wildlife conservancies such as Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, East Africa, who help protect black and white rhinos from brutal slaughter and extinction, through providing a sanctuary and environment for these creatures to flourish and develop.

This education from such organizations, in turn benefits our world and it´s inhabitants, and through this constant effort of documentation the information accumulated conveys the beauty of this planet by it´s research, informs us of our origins and subsequent survival. Through this, in addition influencing the next generation for change and adaptation for our, and their future. Examples >>

Photo Journalism.

Photo Journalism
Photographic documentation in conjunction with journalism, encompassing global aspects of social and environmental issues, philosophy, wildlife, travel and art.
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Portrait  Photography.

Profile Photography
Marketing your business through visual profiling. This service provides images projecting you and your company, in a personal and professional light. Connecting the Landmark of your industry globally and directly, to your clients at home and abroad.
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